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  Maktabas was started by siblings who grew up in Kiambu, Kenya. Both our parents were teachers. They instilled the desire to read in us and two of our siblings are Ndireti school Alumni. The majority of us started in the same schools we are helping and in similar if not worse conditions.


When one of our sisters came back from Kenya sometime in 2014, we congregated at her house eating goat meat (goat-meat is synonymous with my family and only way to get us all in one room) and listened to her stories about home and the lack of books in our local schools.  It was then that we resolved that something had to be done.





We got online and looked for anywhere we could get books, some we bought, some we got for free. Sometimes we drove miles to get a box of books until we got better at our solicitations. .


We are a team determined to bridge the readership gap and ensure that a kid in Kenya has the same access to books as a kid thousands of miles away in America.


With your help we will accomplish this goal, a child at a time, a school at a time and ultimately a village at a time.

Mitahato School


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