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Wanna Help us collect books, help package books and other us.


If you are travelling to Kenya and would like to volunteer at any of our projects, read a few stories for the kids etc...we can arrange that...



 Maktabas is seeking your support  to help sponsor a child's education. There are children who perform well in middle school and are selected to join high school and eventually,  universities.


  Many however are faced with financial barriers which prevent them from furthering their academic goals. These are among the neediest children. Maktabas is seeking sponsors to match with a needy child, to help meet the cost of the children's  tuition.


 Our biggest challenge remains shipping.

We offer the books but the teachers and parents say there is no Library and we have to go back to our pockets and repair the rooms, build the shelves, provide the tables and chairs and do what it takes to make the Library inviting to read. Then we have to ship the books to Kenya.


You can sponsor a school to get build the shelves and we provide the books. You could donate Laptops, or other resources such as stationary, soccer balls etc...



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