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Donating Books To Africa- Why People Should Donate Books


As book lovers, we know the struggle of parting with your books after a long time. We hold

on to books for various reasons. For example, it could be a book changed your emotional or

mental intelligence completely or it was gifted to you by a friend. There is also the obsession of

collecting either first or second editions to create a magnificent shelf of books after every read.

However, do you know donating books is not only helpful to others but also to you? Let us

discuss a few reasons why you need to donate some books:

 It helps in eradicating illiteracy and poverty levels in developing countries especially in

Africa. In most cases when you give out a used book to a local organization supporting

the welfare of developing countries, they are sold at a lower price or given for free. Most

children in Africa especially in remote areas lack reading materials. They miss out the

opportunity of enhancing their knowledge and skills. Donating books to Africa directly or

indirectly is a good course towards promoting equal education opportunities and

economic growth.

 De-cluttering your book shelf is recommended at least annually especially for the chronic

readers. It does not only create space but also gives you room to get and accommodate

your new reads. De-cluttering your space promote proper organization which is effective

for productivity.

 Donating books is a way of spreading the reading spirit. It is important to choose an

organization that donates books to Africa when giving out your books. The continent has

been ranked among high risk illiteracy areas among the globe. Nurturing the reading

spirit can start from an individual level through donation. You get a chance to impact the

life of child who does not have access to materials and funds to acquire knowledge and

better themselves.

 It contributes to alleviating economic problems in third world countries. Most institutions

who encourage you to sell books to them often donate the sales proceed to support

helpful courses. For example, building a library, providing them with clothes and food.

  • Conclusion

It will not often be easy to let go of some of your books. However, donating your books

will be part of the education liberation revolution across the globe. It might seem like quite a

small effort but collectively, it has a significant impact in promoting literacy and the reading

culture across the world. EndFragment

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