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Impact of Community-Based Libraries in Kenya


Community based libraries have become popular in various regions in Kenya. Most of these

institutions are government and internationally sponsored. The latter is often done by founders

who aim at improving the education and poverty conditions in the region by offering the services

for free. The concept of community based libraries was initially developed in the 80’s on a

global platform to help in the distribution of information. The idea was then adopted by African

countries such as Kenya as an education policy. Let us discuss how these centers have impacted

Kenya as a country.

 It promotes equality access to information. We have both the urban and rural areas in

Kenya. Decentralization of regional growth has been established in several ways. For

example, a few years ago, the number of schools in the rural areas was limited. The few

that had schools lacked access to reading materials. Community-based libraries is an

approach of providing equal opportunities for both the young and adults irrespective of

the income disparity a chance to access information and transform their lives.

 There is reduced social seclusion. Community-based libraries give a chance to the young

people in the rural areas to learn new skills and knowledge. They share this information

with others especially with their parents with the aim of changing their social status. It

creates social awareness on polarization especially with the disadvantaged groups. For

example, a few years back, most physically challenged people would not get job and

learning opportunities in Kenya without straining. However, through creation of

awareness via media, newspapers and books people have learnt they are not

disadvantaged. They too can enjoy these services.

 It has led to economic and social growth. Building these institutions especially in the

rural areas provided opportunities for business people. Access of information cultivates a

competitive culture among entrepreneurs and business people. They aspire to better

themselves through their businesses by striving for higher and better opportunities.

People tend to become visionary with their businesses, health, and their well-being. For

example, local health centers can partner with the community-based library to research,

print and educate people affected by digital disparity on various health issues.

 Community based libraries offer a chance for individuals to cultivate on personal growth.

There is a lot of information at our disposal. We use this information to access various

opportunities in the education system and job market that help us to attain personal

growth. EndFragment

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